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Fuck in the Bathroom

Sergeant Miles Fu*cks Will Braun In Bathroom.


Sergeant Mils, a man built like a bear with a gruff exterior, wasn't known for his softness. Yet, there was a quiet tenderness in his eyes when he looked at Will Braun, the new recruit. Will, with his tousled brown hair and shy smile, was a stark contrast to the hardened soldiers around him.



Their paths first crossed during training. Mils, known for his drill sergeant intensity, found himself inexplicably drawn to Will's quiet determination. Will, in turn, found comfort in Mils's gruff but protective nature.

One night, after a particularly grueling training session, Will found himself alone with Mils. The silence was heavy, punctuated only by the crackling fire. Mils, sensing Will's unease, surprised them both by offering a gentle smile. "You did well today, Braun," he said, his voice softer than usual.

Will looked up, surprised. "Thank you, Sergeant."

A comfortable silence settled between them. Mils, uncharacteristically hesitant, finally spoke. "You remind me of my younger brother," he admitted, his voice low.



Will, intrigued, leaned closer. "Really? How so?"

Mils chuckled, a rare sound that warmed Will's heart. "He was always the quiet one, but strong as an ox. Just like you."

From that night on, their bond grew. They started sharing stories, Mils revealing a softer side he rarely showed, and Will finding a safe space to be himself. Late-night conversations by the fire became their routine, filled with laughter and a growing sense of understanding.

One rainy night, as they huddled together for warmth, Mils reached out and took Will's hand. The touch sent a jolt through Will, and he looked into Mils's eyes, seeing a depth of emotion he hadn't noticed before.

Mils, his voice barely a whisper, confessed, "Will, I… I care for you more than I should."


Will's heart pounded. He had felt the same way for weeks, but had been too afraid to say anything. Now, with Mils's words hanging in the air, he knew he couldn't keep silent.

"I care for you too, Sergeant," he admitted, his voice trembling slightly.

In that moment, under the soft glow of the firelight, they leaned in and shared their first kiss. It was a gentle, hesitant touch, yet filled with a profound sense of connection.



Their love story wasn't easy. They faced prejudice and disapproval, but their bond only grew stronger. They found solace in each other's arms, a safe haven in a world that often felt hostile.

Years later, Sergeant Mils and Will Braun, weathered by time and experience, stood hand in hand, their love a testament to the power of connection that transcends societal norms. They had found their happily ever after, proving that love can bloom in the most unexpected places, even in the heart of a hardened soldier.

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